Our history

Cactus Products Ltd was set up by director Ray Liddell on the back of his already successful injection moulding company.

Following security concerns at his newly bought house in the North East of England, which backed onto a public footpath, Ray began to look into various possibilities to deter intruders from entering his garden. Rejecting ideas such as prickly plants that took years to grow, or treacherous carpet grippers along his fence tops, he identified an evident niche in the market for a purpose-made protection system.

Using his existing factory and expertise in plastics production, the Cactus was born.

Now with the capability to manufacture 4000 spiked strips per day, and with pre-sales of 6000 strips to the Police, local authorities and safety partnerships, the Cactus has certainly made its point in the crime prevention industry.


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The Cactus is a plastic fence security spike deterrent that will keep out intruders and unwanted animals such as cats from entering your garden or premises.


Taking the form of purpose-made strips of sharp cone-shaped spikes, the Cactus can be fitted to the tops of fences, walls, gates and other surfaces. Manufactured in the UK from robust, UV-stabilised polypropylene, it is weather resistant and extremely durable. Its unique hinged design enables the product to bend lengthways over concaves, corners or pipes, with the added capability to be trimmed into 3 narrower strips.


The length of each strip is 450mm (1.5ft).

The width of a whole strip is 45mm (1.8ins).

When split lengthways into 3, the width of each strip is 15mm (0.6ins).

The height of each cone is 17.5mm (0.7ins).

Each box contains 10 cactus strips, providing 4.5m (14.8ft) coverage whole, or 13.5m (44.4ft) when split into 3 narrower strips.


The Cactus is available in a range of colours, including black, brown, beige and green. For larger orders, the product can be supplied in most other standard colours. Please contact us to discuss.

Safety Legislation

Recommended by the Police and Hartlepool Crime Prevention Unit, the Cactus complies with all current and relevant legislation. Each box of 10 Cactus strips includes a free warning sign, which should be used in conjunction with the product. The strips should be fitted at 6ft high minimum, not be hidden in any way, and be used on the top of fences or walls.

Fitting Instructions

The Cactus is simple and safe to fit yourself, using these easy-to-follow instructions.

We recommend the use of screws rather than nails, 3.5 x16mm screws are ideal. Pilot drilling of fences before fitting is not necessary, however if fitting to a wall, mounting on treated roofing lats would be preferable.

Each Cactus strip has 14 fastening holes, with up to 5 holes to each separable length. When using the product as a whole, we recommend using all screw positions on the outwards-facing edge of the strip, with only one or two required on the inwards-facing edge. If using the product divided into the narrower 15mm strips, we recommend that all of the screw positions are used.

To divide the spiked strip into the 3 narrower lengths, use a Stanley knife, cutting onto a soft surface such as cardboard or grass. Cut away from yourself, and the use of protective gloves is recommended. In order to perfect the final length of your protection system, it may also be necessary to cut the final strip widthways, this is easily achieved using a junior hacksaw or a pair of side cutters.

Due to its oil-based properties, the Cactus is not ideal for glue fixing; however this may be satisfactory for the deterrence only of birds and animals where a less robust fixing is required. For bonding we recommend ‘Pink Grip’.

Top tip! For complicated bends of 90 degrees or more, immerse the product in hot water beforehand to provide added bend whilst fitting.

Should you need any assistance with the installation of the Cactus, please do not hesitate to contact us where we will only be too happy to advise. In certain circumstances, particularly for elderly or immobile customers and where there is a Cactus representative in your area, we may be able to arrange a personal visit.